Rinnai Infinity HDC1200e External

The Rinnai Corporation, manufacturer of the world’s number one selling brand of on-demand, instantaneous water heaters is proud to introduce the next generation of gas water heaters. These new products incorporate the latest in condensing water heating technology for superior energy-efficiency and supreme performance.


Rinnai’s unique condensing technology incorporates two heat exchangers to achieve optimum water heating generated from every cubic metre of Natural Gas or LPG. These compact wall mounted water heaters capture residual heat from its flue gases and transfers it into the water being heated.

HDC1200e 105.5% net efficiency*

The condensing process delivers up to 95% thermal efficiency, which translates to significant energy savings when compared to standard tankless water heaters.

Renewables ready when you are

  • Saves space, water, energy and time
  • Never runs out of hot water
  • Limitless application
  • Compact design with Internal and weather-proof External models
  • Suitable for use as a temperature booster for solar thermal and heat-pump

* In accordance with BS EN 677

Rinnai water heaters are CE and WRAS approved

Installation External wall mounted
Height 654mm
Width 470mm
Depth 257mm
Weight 23kg
Exhaust system Forced exhaust
Temperature Range 37°C - 85°C
Ignition method Direct electronic
Gas consumption Propane 2.75kW - 52.7kW max
Hot water delivery capacity 26L/min raised 15°C
Min operating water flow 1.5L/min
Nominal operating pressure 1 - 10 bar
Power supply 230V AC 50Hz 1ph
Electrical consumption 72W